Ripon, City of Cathedrals

The city of Ripon is well known for it's many cathedrals. Some of which have been standing since the seventh century. As you can see, this is why they are called the cathedral city. They are a must see when visiting Ripon, as the architecture is quite stunning.

Ripon with a population of about sixteen thousand is the seventh smallest city in the United Kingdom. It is also England's second oldest city.

Known for attracting many tourists, Ripon has much to offer. There are enough shops, cafes and restaurants for everyone to find what is to their liking.

Old traditions are proudly kept in Ripon. Besure to pay attention in the town centre at Nine oclock pm. This is when you will hear the blowing of the "wakeman's horn" each evening. This has been ongoing since Ripon's beginning. There is also an open air market dating back to the twelfth century.

A popular place to visit while in Ripon is The prison and police museum, where guests are lead in through the jurors room. Ripon also has a popular court house museum dating back to eighteen thirty, as well as many warehouse museums.

The nearby canal and marina offer Ripon's visitors plentiful opportunity for sailing, fishing and other water activities.

Just ten miles from Ripon you will find "Light water valley theme park". With over forty attractions this park includes one of the world's largest roller coasters, a petting zoo and a steam train, just to name a few.

The town of Hisham is only fifteen miles from Ripon with an ongoing market since thirteen ninety-three. This is also home to the well known Black sheep brewery. Why not stop in for a pint?

With so much to see and do it is no surprise that Ripon is a popular destination for tourists.

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Beatiful Beach in Bali

Bali is one of the most visited vacation hotspots in the world. Situated in Indonesia, it was once named as the best island destination in the world by Travel and Leisure magazine. It attracts huge number of travelers from all over the world with its fun filled, palm fringed beaches known for having white sand. Bali has a many beaches, all of which are easily reachable from Denpasar airport.

The line of beaches on the island of Bali includes Sanur beach, Jimbaran, Soka beach, Nusa Dua, Medewi beach, Lovina beach, Kuta, and Legian beach. Locals and tourists popularly go after Legian beaches, which are famous for their magnificent view of sunset. Surfing is a major activity here and the best waves are a 5 to 10 minute drive from Denpanar airport.

Nusa dua beach has a chain of hotels placed on the sandy shores and these hotels provide luxurious swimming experience in protected lagoons, as well as fabulous gourmet food served on site.

Sanur beach is easily reachable from Denpasar. Sanur has calm, secluded lagoons, which are favorites for lots of activities like wind surfing, parasailing, and excellent for families.

Between Denpasar and Gilimanuk, two wonderful beaches called Soka beach and Mediwi beach are present. Jimbaran attracts many local families and tourists with its beauty and superb seafood restaurants that line along the beaches. Jimbaran is placed on the way from Denpasar to Nusa Dua, directly to the south of Denpasar airport.

Lovina is the most inspiring beach in Bali that attracts large number of tourists, irrespective of the season. A number of people visit this beach to view schools of dolphins swimming and playing in the waters.

Kuta is home to the whitest beach in Bali, and is just a 5 to 10 minute drive from Denpasar. Kuta could be very well called the tourist mecca, because of its shops, pubs, and fully equipped first class hotels. Kuta is famous among skilled swimmers and recognized for its unpredictable underwater currents - novice swimmers should use caution when swimming at this beach.

Tours de Bali

Bali's natural attractions include miles of sandy beaches (many are well-known amongst surfers), picturesque rice terraces, towering active volcanoes over 3,000 meters (10,000 ft.) high, fast flowing rivers, deep ravines, pristine crater lakes, sacred caves, and lush tropical forests full of exotic wildlife.

The island's rich cultural heritage is visible everywhere - in over 20,000 temples and palaces, in many colorful festivals and ceremonies (including tooth filings and cremations), in drama, music, and dance.

You can experience Bali on many different excursions and guided tours by coach, private car or "Big Bike", by boat or by air plane: seeing Bali's beaches and rice terraces, the famous Besakih Temple on the slopes of holy Mount Agung, Lake Batur and it's active volcano, Ubud, Legian, Kuta, Nusa Dua, and the temples of Tanah Lot and Ulu Watu from a helicopter is a really special experience. For helicopter tours and private charters (3 to 6 passengers) please contact the Balivillas.com Service Center at 703-060 as soon as you arrive.

Most full day tours by car (about 8 to 10 hours) cost about US$30 to US$40 per person, half day tours US$20 to US$25. These prices include a multi-lingual guide and transport in an air-conditioned private car, all entrance fees, but no meals. Which guide and driver you choose can make or break your day: be warned that those who offer very low prices tend to waste your time by showing you hardly any more than those shops which pay them a commission on your purchases.